Maxine Peake at the Peterloo Massacre commemoration, Manchester, 17th August 2014 [x]

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"Make it a better world, mother."

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"Our calf will die of cold if she’s left out in the field all night. I know you don’t like my husband, or my family, but please can we have the cowshed tonight?”

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I hate you too

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'Peake is dressed in 1920s costume for her part as Grace Middleton, which saw her nominated for a BAFTA in 2013: a long-sleeved pink blouse, the high neck buttoned tightly. Her hair, dyed red for the part ('I love being a ginger'), is pinned up in loose knots. The joy of this postmodern mash-up dawns on me as we chat about her weekend: DJing at a local club on Saturday, and ruined with a hangover on Sunday. 'I play vinyl,' she says. 'I don't do all that computer stuff.'


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I genuinely can’t even put into words how excited I am that The Village is returning! The trailer looks SO good! It’s all so much happier, and full of hope! Also I am so pleased that we’re going to see more of a loving relationship between Grace and John and maybe some of his problems overcome. I just… Whoever decided to cast my all-time favourite actor and actress together - John Simm and Maxine Peake - is incredible. And talking of Maxine Peake, her smile at 00:32 is just class. So so excited.

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