I watched Hamlet at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester last night and it was absolutely fantastic! Maxine Peake performed Hamlet brilliantly and I loved every single minute of it! :)

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HAMLET by William Shakespeare (by Royal Exchange Theatre)

I really wish I could have seen this. 

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I have watched maxine peake in silk and the village and love her! What would you recommend I watch next? X

Woop! Glad you love her! 

One of my favourite things that she’s been in is Criminal Justice - if you can get it, it’s a brilliant series. She was also fantastic in See No Evil as Myra Hindley. Also recommend the films The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (which has a great accompanying documental with Sue Perkins!) and Run & Jump. And if you’re looking for something fun, I would definitely suggest Dinnerladies - it’s an old series now but last time I checked some of the episodes were on YouTube, and it’s absolutely hilariously funny in my opinion :)

Hope that helps! Let me know what you choose and what you think :) Have a great day! x

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I love your blog!!! X

Thank you so much!! Have a great day :) x 

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